Installment card ANOR

Real installment plan without interest and overpayments

  • Without artificial margins

  • Without interest or overpayments

  • Without collateral and surety

TRIA card

Order the card online and new opportunities will open up for you

  • Cashback 2% and more from each purchase

  • Accrual up to 10% per annum

  • Overdraft up to 5 million soums


A completely new kind of cards in Uzbekistan

  • Open one card instead of two ones

  • Automatic conversion

  • Online payment

Debit card Uzcard

UZCARD - One card for all occasions

  • Online card order

  • Fast order processing

  • Delivery to the door

ANORBANK in your pocket - a mobile application with all bank services.

The easiest way to manage money directly from your smartphone. Anywhere in the world. Anytime.


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