The first unique card in Uzbekistan

3 benefits of the ANOR BLACK card:

Payment is possible in 200 countries

Payment for goods and services in national and foreign currencies throughout Uzbekistan and in 200 other countries of the world

One card for 3 terminals

Don't worry about which card to take with you. With ANOR BLACK you always have UzCard, HUMO, and MasterCard nearby

4 accounts on one card

You can store money in 4 currencies: Uzbek sum, US dollar, Euro and Russian ruble

4 reasons to order an "ANOR BLACK" card right now:

One card for all terminals

A unique card, which has no analogues in Uzbekistan 

Unique design

The card in minimalist black color will be a great accessory in your hands       

Internet payment

Pay online for your favorite services

Instant transfers

Transfer money to other cards through the application in minutes and control your finances with the help of monitoring

The cost of annual maintenance is 25,000 sum.
The annual service fee will be debited automatically within 90 days from the date of card opening.

The card participates in promotions

Order a card and participate in special projects from ANORBANK. Receive gifts yourself and give your child the opportunity to receive gifts for good grades

30 days 6 hours left

Your French dream

Use ANOR BLACK Mastercard and win a CITROЁN C4X car.


Just 3 steps and the card is in your hands:

Download the Anorbank App

The application is available in the App Store and Play Market

Order a card 

We will deliver it within 72 hours

Or open an ANOR BLACK virtual card

Pass remote identification without leaving your home



Instruction manual

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Answers to frequently asked questions

Rules for opening bank accounts and cards for individuals (non-residents) in ANORBANK.

Now, from 13.09.2022, non-residents in Uzbekistan will be able to open bank accounts and plastic cards if at least one of the following requirements is met:

When specifying the following purposes of arrival in Uzbekistan. ;

1) Study, advanced training:

- if there are documents confirming the status of a student or listener who are studying or continuing their education in educational institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

2) employment:

- when providing documents confirming official employment in the Republic of Uzbekistan;

3) Treatment:

- when providing documents confirming treatment and/or examination in medical institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

*Note: In addition to fulfilling the above requirements, non-residents must provide documents confirming registration from the place of actual residence in the Republic of Uzbekistan (if available);

Have a working local cell phone number;

Also, when performing banking operations, such as currency exchange operations and depositing funds (in cash and non-cash form) to accounts opened in your own name, exceeding the equivalent of $ 10,000 USD within 30 calendar days, you must provide appropriate documents confirming the sources of origin of funds.

Anorbank App

The App offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface, new functions and features, and increased speed of operation.

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