Committees of the Supervisory Board

Assistance in surveillance by the Bank's Supervisory Board:

- monitoring the qualifications and independence of the Bank's external audit company;

- monitoring the operation of the Bank's Internal Audit Directorate;

- monitoring the quality and completeness of the Bank's financial and accounting statements;

- monitoring the Bank's compliance with the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan and competent (Supervisory) state authorities.

Structure of the Committee:

Last name and position


The main goal of the Committee is to assist the Bank's Supervisory Board in exercising its regulatory and supervisory functions within the control over the availability and operation of the Bank's adequate risk management system, risk analysis, improvement and strengthening of the risk management system. The Committee closely monitors the balance sheets and income and expense statements to ensure the sufficiency of the Bank's liquidity; the availability of an appropriate balance between assets that generate interest income and the interest rate of liabilities; the situations for the Bank not to take a position when the maturity of the liabilities does not coincide with the maturity of the assets.

Committees of the Management Board

Implementation of the Bank's credit policy and the construction of the Bank's credit operations portfolio

The main goal of the Committee is to ensure an adequate balance between liquidity and profitability with adequate Bank's solvability.

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