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Most financial transactions from opening your current account to paying for services

Money transfers from ANORBANK - an opportunity to take care of your loved ones in 3 simple steps

  1. 1 Become a client of ANORBANK

    It is easy to receive a card - just 1 day from the application submission to the receipt of the card.

  2. 2 Choose a money transfer system

    For your convenience, we have connected the most popular international transfer systems.

  3. 3 Receive and send transfers

    Fast money transfers are always at hand in the bank's mobile application.

Bank transfers are the most convenient way to transfer money between two users of banking services, especially when it comes to international transfers

The most common are transfers through the SWIFT system - the most rational solution for paying for goods / services of foreign companies or transferring a large amount of money to another country.

This is convenient if, for example, you receive a salary from a foreign company.

Bank transfers through the SWIFT system through ANORBANK mean availability, simplicity and round-the-clock support of specialists.

Currency exchange in ANORBANK - always at the most favorable rate

In whatever currency you keep funds in ANORBANK, we will always help to exchange them for the currency you need at the most favorable rate.

Going on vacation, and you need foreign currency, but only sums on your account? No problem! ANORBANK will help you not to lose money on exchange operations.

Are you sending a large money order and do not know which currency is more profitable? We'll show you again.

Any operations to exchange foreign currency with ANORBANK turn from a headache into a simple and understandable action without visiting the bank.

Need statement? Two easy steps and statement at your fingertips

  1. 1Send a request

    Online on the website, in the mobile application or by calling the bank's contact center.

  2. 2 Get statement

    Get an electronic statement in a short time by email with a QR code.

Do you need a statement on the bank's letterhead to provide it to a serious organization? At your request, we will deliver the certificate to the address you provided.

Any operations on the account or on the card can be performed independently, without waiting and visiting the bank

  • 24/7 support

    Do you have questions while using the mobile app? Don't want to fill out the application yourself? Contact our contact center 24/7

  • Instant money transfers

    Send and receive transfers all over the world with a minimal commission and at a favorable rate

  • Cash withdrawal and account replenishment

    We have an extensive network of partner banks around the Uzbekistan. You will always find an ATM to withdraw money or deposit funds into your account

Your budget is under your control

Every day we receive and spend money, and sometimes it can be difficult to keep track of the budget. With ANORBANK mobile banking, your life will become easier and more organized.

What do we do?

We divide all your expenses and incomes into categories. Now you understand that, for example, going to a restaurant is too big an expense item, car maintenance costs a pretty penny, and it's time to change to something newer, and pet food costs more than all son's sections every month. And next to you you see that the salary is only a quarter of all your income, and it takes more time than anything else, and it may be worth paying more attention to a small business, the income from which is twice the salary.

We help you set goals and achieve them

Create a piggy bank and name it, for example, “Son's Wedding” or “New Car”. Set a financial goal, and we will automatically replenish the piggy bank with your money. Received a salary or dividend from a business? We will immediately send a small part to the specified piggy bank. You will not even notice how the goal will be achieved.

We manage the budgets of your business and family

A bright future will surely welcome you with open arms if you learn how to correctly distribute cash flows. We will show you where you can invest or what currency to buy, show you profitable securities and teach you other ways of passive earnings.

Additional bank services are available only to ANORBANK cardholders
Choose a card

Replenishment of accounts in other banks and ATMs

Top up your account instantly: transfer from a card
or other account, transfer by agreement number
or in cash via ATM.

Answers to frequently asked questions

It's very simple! Become a client of the bank by receiving an ANOR BANK card. To this, just download the ANORBANK application and order a card directly from the application.

All kinds of transactions on your accounts, card servicing, currency conversion, money transfers, and all other actions related to the maintenance of your account are transactional services.

It is a system, which is used by the banks all over the world to transfer the data to each other and make payments to the clients. It enables financial institutions to send and receive information securely in a standardized and reliable manner.

The foreign exchange transactions are considered as transactions to exchange one currency for another.

These systems help ordinary people to quickly send/receive money around the world.

Download the ANORBANK application, find the money transfers section and just start using them, if you are already an ANORBANK client and received the card.

Anorbank App

The App offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface, new functions and features, and increased speed of operation.

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