Anor API

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  2. Make calculations 24/7
  3. Reduce the risk of employee errors
  4. Reliability of your payments
  5. Detailed revenue statistics for all points of sale

Install Anor API and use online acquiring at affordable prices.

Integrating the API into your company is easy - let us know what you need for your business. We will help you connect everything you need for smooth operation and customize the API for your needs.


3 Benefits of the Anor API

Reduced commission for Internet acquiring (e-Pos)
Trade without location binding

The ability to provide a service or sell goods without territorial restrictions

Payment from any platform

Accept payment or make a claim to the client through your website, mobile application, instant messengers or Anorbank application.

4 reasons to install Anor API


Reservation of the transaction amount for a certain period.

Monitoring of receipts

Analyze your income/expenses through your personal account

QR payment

Issue an invoice with two types of QR-code: inside the Internet or at the checkout

Split payments (coming soon)

Breakdown of received funds by supplier at the paying agent level.

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