Foreign currency accounts

Have your currencies purchase, sale, and transfers transactions online.

4 reasons to open a foreign currency account with ANORBANK

Flexible tariffs

Choose a tariff for the needs of your business.

Integration with the Unified Electronic Information System of Foreign Trade Operations (UEISFTO) (Soon)

Convenient management of export-import contracts through online banking, including automatic synchronization with UEISFTO.

Prompt conversion

Perform conversion operations in real time at a transparent rate.

SWIFT transfers

Send and receive currency transfers via the SWIFT system in online banking.

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Answers to frequently asked questions

The information on foreign trade contracts is entered into UISFTO via E-Contract or FEA Contract programs. Your servicing banks should provide detailed information about these programs. Serving banks can also render service for entering information on customers' foreign trade contracts into UISFTO.

According to the Law, foreign currency operation related to external borrowings requires submission of application and a copy of the loan agreement with all additions thereto to the servicing bank, where the main demand deposit account was opened.

The loan agreement should be made in the state language or Russian. If the loan agreement was made in another language, it should be duly legalized or apostilled, as well as translated into the state language or Russian, and notarized.

After receiving these documents, the bank will credit the funds received under the loan agreement to the company's account.

According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated October 24, 1996, No. UP-1601 on Measures to Improve the Circulation of Foreign Currency in the Republic, it is strictly prohibited for resident and non-resident legal entities and individuals, including enterprises with foreign investments in the Republic of Uzbekistan to make settlements and payments in cash foreign currency for works and services, including payment of wages and similar compensations.

These payments can be made in cash in the national currency of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as by crediting UZS to the corresponding accounts in commercial banks of the Republic. For non-residents, payments can be made as transfers of foreign currency to their foreign currency accounts outside the Republic of Uzbekistan along with the specified forms of payment.

You can open an account online by contacting our contact center or through a request on out website. Our mobile representative will meet with you to open an account at all reasonable time and place.

You can see the receipt of money and the available account balance in the mobile application or by calling the Contact Center using the code word. Besides, you can receive notifications about account movements by e-mail or SMS.

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