Sum deposit with the highest interest rate

Open the deposit

Multiply your capital in a short time with a high rate

Deposits 27% per annum

Highest interest rate

1 000 000 sum

Minimum replenishment amount

Deposit management

Deposit is always under your control in the mobile application

Security guarantee

All deposits in ANORBANK are protected by the Fund for Guaranteeing Citizens' Deposits in Banks

Calculate the profitability of the deposit

Calculate the profitability of the deposit Deposit on favorable terms with fireproof closing rates, easy replenishment and 24/7 support.

In 12 month I will save421 600 000 sum
Interest will be charged per month81 600 000 sum

The calculation is preliminary. You can find out the personal conditions after completing the application.


  • Deposit term

    25 months

  • Deposit amount

    from 1 000 000 sum

  • Interest rate


Answers to frequently asked questions

You can view the detailed terms of the deposit at this link.

Deposit opening and other services are available only to ANORBANK cardholders. Order a card through a mobile application or online banking, or call the Contact Center.

After card receiving, you can set the deposits up and manage them remotely.

Yes, you can. The number of deposits is unlimited.

The deposit can be set in the national currency up.

In case of full early closure of the deposit, accrued interest is recalculated in the following order:
- up to 6 months - 20%;
- from 6 to 13 months - 22%;
- from 13 to 25 months - 24%;
Overpaid amounts of interest are withheld by the bank from the principal amount of the deposit.
Interest is paid for the actual number of full months the funds are in the deposit.

The size of the annual interest rate is determined by the conditions of the selected deposit. Interest is calculated on the daily and paid on the monthly basis.

A time deposit is set up for a period according to the conditions of the deposit.

Via SMS notification, mobile application, online banking, or by calling the Bank's Contact Center.

The information on the deposit expiration can be found in the conditions for the deposit, via ANORBANK mobile application or online banking, or by calling the Contact Center.

Capitalization is the addition of interest to the deposit amount. Therefore, the amount on the account increases, and interest is also accrued on the added amount. This is often called compound interest.

Interest accrued on the deposit is credited at your wallet. You can withdraw them from plastic cards at ATMs.

You can find this information in the ANORBANK mobile application, online banking, or by calling the Contact Center.

Permanent deposit balance is a the minimum amount that should be kept in your account during the term of the deposit.

Deposit setting up requires a passport of a foreign citizen, a temporary residence permit, or a residence permit. In addition, you need to become a client of the bank and receive the card of ANORBANK.

Anorbank App

The App offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface, new functions and features, and increased speed of operation.

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