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Add your salary card when applying for a microloan - get 10% discount on the rate and more limit!

4 reasons to take a microloan in ANORBANK

Up to 50 million sums

Get a microloan in the «Anorbank» application

Microloan cashback

Pay on time and get interest back at a stimulating interest rate up to 10%.

Rate from 2.83% per month

A profitable microloan for any purpose

Expires in 36 months

Use money from the bank for any purchases and bring them back during 3 years

By adding a salary card when applying for a microloan you get more limit!

Calculate the microloan

What you need to get a microloan

Get the answer quickly

It takes just 10 minutes

Awaiting for decision

Pass the Scoring procedure

No need for a card

If the microloan is approved, the selected amount will be credited to your electronic wallet


Get a microloan in the «Anorbank» application


Apply in the application and find out the answer within 10 minutes


Pass the Scoring procedure as fast as possible


For reliable borrowers we invent more favorable conditions

High chances

Minimal percent of rejects. Approval process is automatic

Answers to frequently asked questions

1) Favorable credit history;
2) Stable income of a potential credit debtor;
3) Filling in correct, reliable, and complete information, etc.

  • Negative credit history
  • Variable income
  • Incorrect, unreliable, incomplete information, etc.

The amount of a microloan is from UZS 1.0 mln to UZS 50.0 mln

The application can be canceled at any time and at any stage of microloan consideration.

No, you do not need to pay any charges or fees for a microloan.

A microloan is provided only to individuals who have legal income such as wages.

Fill out an application for a credit and a notification of the decision will be sent to you in 5 minutes.

You may repay the loan either ahead of time or in any amount. In case of early partial repayment, interest will continue to accrue only on the remaining part - the outstanding amount of the principal debt. In this case you'll save your money on interest.

When you receive a microloan from a bank, you will not have any emotional discomfort, the risk of disclosing personal information to third parties, and you can also get a loan from the bank for a longer period of up to 12 months.

Method 1: "Repayment on schedule"

Step 1

From the home page, select the loans option and go to "Repayment".

Step 2

Click on "Repay your outstanding debts". 

Step 3

A menu will open with repayment options, select pay on schedule.

Step 4

Enter the required details and the repayment amount. Then click on "Transfer funds".

Step 5 

The funds have been transferred to the repayment account, they will be automatically withdrawn on the repayment date indicated on the schedule.


Method 2: "Payment from the repayment account".

Step 1

On the main window, select the loans option and go to "Repayment".

Step 2

On the "Repayments" page, you will have the loan information and the availability of funds in the repayment account. If there are no funds in the repayment account, replenish the account.

Step 3

Click on "Repayments." Repayment options will appear on the screen, choose to pay from the loan repayment account. Click on "Confirm" to confirm the transaction. 

Step 4

The payment was successful, and part of the loan was repaid on the day the funds were transferred.



To pay the principal you will need to select this item in the list of repayment options. If you pay the principal, the principal and interest will be further reduced depending on the amount paid. 


For full repayment, you only need to repeat the steps and make a full payment on the loan.

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