Participate in the campaign "Buy in installments - get money" and get a chance to win up to 10,000,000 soums.

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From June 1, we announce the start of a new promotion with the simplest rules and four cash prizes. To participate, you just need:

1️. Make purchases and payments using the ANORBANK installment card

2️. Save receipts

3️. Wait for the draw results

All checks that you have collected by the end of the promotion, we summarize and categorize.

And now to the conditions and prizes:

4th place: Spend from 1 to 5 million soums and get a prize - 1,000,000 soums;

3rd place: Spend from 5 to 10 million soums and get a prize - 3,000,000 soums;

2nd place: Spend from 10 to 15 million soums and get a prize - 5,000,000 soums;

1st place: Spend from 15 to 20 million soums and get a prize of 10,000,000 soums.

The promotion will last until June 30 inclusive, and the results will be announced on July 6 live on Instagram on our official page. Winners are determined using a random number generator. Buy goods and win valuable prizes!

Only holders of a physical installment card participate in the promotion. Virtual cards do not participate in the promotion.

3 easy steps and the card is in your hand

Download information sheet
Send a request

It only takes 1 minute and you don't need to go to the bank.

Wait for a response from the bank

We will quickly review the application and advise you on the decision.

Get your card

We will deliver the card for free in 72 hours.


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