Available money 3.0

When huge amount of cash is needed - microcredit from Anorbank saves you

3 reasons to take a microloan in ANORBANK

Up to 100 million sums

Get a microloan on cash

Expires to 36 months

Use money from the bank for any purchases and and bring them back partly during 3 years

Interest rate for the month 4.08%

A profitable microloan for any purpose

Mikroqarzni hisoblang

Ushbu shartlar va shartlar xizmat ko'rsatuvchi mijozlar uchun mavjud "Stimulust" ixtiyoriy paket xizmatlari uchun. Qarz oluvchi har oy to'laydi tanlangan paketga qarab xizmat haqi

What you need to get a microloan

Arrange an interview and meet our ambassador

A quick approval procedure of microloan

Without income information

Microloan is given under collateral for property, without information about income

All amount is given by cash within a day

No need to wait for several days, get microloan within a day


Get microloan on cash


Quick consideration of application

Without unnecessary papers

No need for any documentation about the income for getting microcredit, but the property pledge

Fast as much as it can be

If it is approved, you will have money in cash within a day

High chances

Minimal percent of rejections. Automatic approval process through application form


Ko’pincha so‘raladigan savollarga javoblar

1. Favorable credit history. 
2. Stable income of a potential credit debtor. 
3. Liquid collateral assets. 
4. Reliable, complete information provided by the potential credit debtor.

Negative credit history
Variable income of a potential credit debtor or no income
Incorrect, unreliable, incomplete information provided by a potential credit debtor.
Illiquid collateral assets, which does not satisfy the Bank

You should contact the key centers of the Bank to obtain a microloan. Contact our Call Center at 55 503 00 00 for more information.

The amount of a microloan is up to UZS 100 mln.

No, you do not need to pay any fees for a microloan. Expenses only involve insurance of collateral and registration of collateral by a Notary Officer.

No, a microloan is provided only to customers with stable incomes.

To do this, you should fill in an application for a microloan in the Bank's key center. Whereafter, you will obtain a decision on a microloan in 20 minutes.

The application can be canceled at any time and at any stage of microloan provision.

You may repay the loan either ahead of time or in any amount. In case of early partial repayment, interest will continue to accrue only on the remaining part, i.e. the outstanding amount of the principal debt. In this case, you'll save your money on interest.

When you receive a microloan from a bank, you will not have any emotional discomfort, the risk of disclosing personal information to third parties, and you can get a loan from the bank for a longer period of up to 24 months.

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