ANORBANK launched special project together with Kundalik


ANORBANK launched special project together with Kundalik

ANORBANK cares about the future of the young generation and is ready to support them in their development. In order to motivate them in their studies and stimulate their thirst for knowledge, together with the unified digital educational platform eMaktab (former Kundalik), the bank launched a grand special project with a lot of prizes.

The main idea of the project is that schoolchildren should not stop striving for knowledge and reach new heights. Of course, any effort should be accompanied by encouragement. ANORBANK took care of this and prepared a large prize fund with valuable gifts.

According to the rules of large-scale prize draw, pupils of schools across the country from 1st to 11th grade who are connected to the eMaktab system will have a chance to win various prizes for good academic performance for getting B's and A's during each stage. For example, a pupil who receives B or A will automatically receive the corresponding 4 and 5 points. As a result, the total amount of 100 points can be exchanged for 1 coupon. Each coupon will provide 1 chance to participate in prize draw in which the winners will be determined based on a randomized selection. The more coupons pupils have, the higher the chances of winning.

According to the terms of the project, students will receive grades, and their parents will exchange grades into coupons and participate in massive prize draw. Parents of pupils will have an opportunity to exchange accumulated points for coupons later during the first stage.

As part of this project, all parents who have ANORBANK’s ANOR BLACK physical card can exchange points for coupons and participate in prize draw. Also, holders of the aforementioned physical card will receive an annual PRO subscription from ANORBANK for the eMaktab platform for the 2023/24 academic year.

The project will be divided into 3 stages:

  • The 1st stage will run from October 3 to December 25.

  • The 2nd stage - from January 1 to March 30.

  • The 3rd stage - from April 1 to May 25.

At the end of each stage there will be a drawing for 100 prizes among coupon holders.

At the end of the first stage, 10 Apple iPhone 14 smartphones, 10 Apple iWatch 8 smartwatches, 30 Acer Aspire 3 laptops, 10 Yandex.Station smart speakers and 40 Samsung Tab A7 Lite tablets will be drawn.

The prizes for the second and third stages will be announced before the launch of these stages on ANORBANK's website and through its social media channels.

During the next stages ANORBANK plans to introduce Kids cards for this project as well as separate terms of service for those who subscribed to eMaktab. At the same time, during the next stages, in addition to valuable prizes, it is planned to give the winners installment cards with debt repayment at the expense of the bank. These cards could be used to purchase anything from more than 4000 partners of the bank.

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