The TRIA card launch


The TRIA card launch

The TRIA card is a debit card that uses the HUMO system and includes the following products:

• Overdraft;

• Cash-back;

• Accrual of interest on the card balance.

Reasons to order a TRIA card:

• up to 25% cash-back - get cashback on every purchase from the bank's numerous partners;

• up to UZS 5,000,000 overdraft - go shopping even if you have 0 card balance. The overdraft interest rate is 23%;

• Ease of use. We don't ask why you need the money, we just give it to you. Overdraft from ANORBANK is a multipurpose loan with no unnecessary questions.

We create more favorable conditions for stable and reliable customers. Pay the loan off on time and use the overdraft again and again.

• Accrual of up to 10% per annum — daily accrual of interest on the card balance;

The minimum amount on the card for interest accrual is UZS 1,000,000.

The interest rate is up to 10% per annum on the card balance.

Cards with balance interest accrual are an excellent alternative to deposits, since they imply a comparable monthly interest accrual. At the same time, card money can be withdrawn and replenished at any time..

Interest is accrued on the daily balance of the card funds.

Get interest monthly on the 1st day.

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05.06.2024 ANORBANK won the HR Brand Central Asia Award 2023
01.04.2024 By popular demand, we are extending the 10% discount on "Convenient Microloan"!
28.03.2024 Now teachers are also involved!

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