Become an ANORBANK client by going through remote identification right in the application and get a TRIA virtual card.


"Remote Identification" - will allow you to go through the identification process yourself, confirming your identity with a passport or ID-card. No more need to go to the bank office with a passport or wait for our representative. Pass remote identification in the mobile application instantly.

How to confirm your identity with a passport or ID-card?

- Select the type of document: passport or ID-card

- Take a photo of the bottom of the document

- To confirm the data, take a picture of your face

What services can be used with remote identification?

- Open virtual card

- Open and manage deposits

- Make transfers from ANORBANK cards without commissions

- Receive international transfers

Well, the TRIA virtual card has all the benefits of a TRIA physical card and even more:

- Always there - in your mobile phone

- Payment for services and goods, according to the principle of a physical card

- Money transfers without commission up to 20 million sums

- Accrual of 10% on the card balance

- Online conversion

- Open/manage deposits

Go through remote identification in a mobile application at a convenient time for you and use free transfers up to 20 million sums right now!

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14.02.2022 Dear ANORBANK clients.
02.02.2022 UX/UI testing: improving the quality and potential of a mobile app

New Anorbank App

The App offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface, new functions and features, and increased speed of operation.

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