Appeal to the telegram channel "Sberkassauz"


On September 24, the SberkassaUz Telegram channel received a request from a customer. There he reports that he took a loan from the ANORBANK and repaid it ahead of schedule. Thereafter, customer was waiting for the cashback from the ANORBANK and, not having received it, wrote to the Telegram bot @AnorBankSupportBot. Receiving no answer, he turned to the SberkassaUz Telegram channel. After reviewing the appeal, we explained the situation.

The customer, using the microloan service "Za minuti", took a loan in the amount of 2,000,000 soums and repaid it in 4 months. In the loan agreement, which was signed by the customer, the issuance of cashback was not provided. We re-sent the agreement to the customer and called him to explain everything in details once again.

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21.08.2023 Changes have been made to the rates for servicing companies
18.08.2023 ANORBANK has established correspondent relations with «NUROL BANK» commercial bank
20.09.2022 Appeal to the telegram channel "Sberkassauz"

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