ANOR installment card

The maximum term is 12 months.
Fill out an application for a card and we will instantly consider it

8 reasons to order an ANOR installment card now:

1 day from application to receipt of the card

We quickly release and deliver free of charge

Internet bank

All services remotely on a smartphone or computer

30,000+ products in installments

More than 5000 stores work with us

Up to 22 million soums for purchases from partners

Return your money on time and the card limit will increase

Without pledges and guarantors

One identity document is enough

24/7 contact center

Have a question? Call. We will help

No need to wait

Pick up the goods immediately, give the money back later

Installment up to 12 months

A whole year without interest and overpayments

3 easy steps and the map is in your hand

Send a request

It only takes 1 minute and you don't need to go to the bank      

Wait for a response from the bank

We will quickly review the application and advise you on the decision

Get your card

We will deliver the card for free in one day


Program partners

Answers to frequently asked questions

Order your card through the ANORBANK mobile application or the bank's Contact Center.

- Age from 21 to 60 years;

- Residency in the Republic of Uzbekistan;

- Mobile phone and additional contact person number;

- Adequacy of income;

- No negative credit history.

You can just submit your identity document to have online registration.

The bank will register and deliver the card free of charge.

ANORBANK offers you an opportunity to use a real installment plan without interest and overpayments. You will pay the real price of the goods, and not immediately, but in parts.

Installment card is valid for 48 months.

If the validity period has expired with no breaching at your end, you can replace the card. Order it through the ANORBANK mobile application or call the Contact Center.

Term of the installment agreement - 36 months.

The limit for different clients varies from UZS 1 to 30 million depending on income.

There are no activated paid services when opening an account. All additional services are activated and used voluntarily and are optional.

Yes, it does. Pay on time, improve your credit history and the banks will have a 'positive opinion' about you.

Download the mobile application ANORBANK online banking and use most of the services remotely at any time 24/7.

Moreover, you can apply for a loan remotely and order free card delivery.

In the stores of the extensive ANORBANK partner network. You can see the list of partners here. Partners determine the terms of the installment plan themselves.

We engaged many businesses from various areas. These are shops with various goods, cafes and restaurants, service and repair centers, etc.
You can see the list of partners here.
You can become a partner here.

The number of our partners constantly increases.
You can see the list of partners here.
You can become a partner here.

The debt for each purchase is divided into parts depending on the number of months in the installment plan. The 'parts' of all purchases add up to a monthly installment payment.

Replenish an installment card or make installment payments from a card of any other bank or your bank account via the ANORBANK mobile application.

Moreover, you can use the following methods (fees can apply):
  • payment through the cash desks of partner banks;

You can see your limit and card balance via the ANORBANK mobile application.

The amount you deposit will automatically discharge future payments, if it is sufficient.

Call the bank's Contact Center in any incomprehensible situation.

New Anorbank App

The App offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface, new functions and features, and increased speed of operation.

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